Fish Hatchery dinner spawns support for trout stocking work

The North Hastings Community Fish Hatchery held its ninth annual pig and lamb roast at the Bancroft Curling Club on Saturday night. The occasion was multi-purpose: to report on another successful year’s operations, to honour special volunteers, and to raise funds for the hatchery’s activities. As the rink was completely filled, with over 350 seats taken, the last objective was successful. With proceeds from dinner sales as well as auctions and raffles, treasurer Wendy Maxwell estimated that the organization would realize over $20,000 for the event; she thanked all the volunteers who organized the dinner and provided items for the auctions. The money is needed to pay power and food bills, as the hatchery grows thousands of trout each year from eggs to a size where they can be released into local lakes. Since 2008, the hatchery has raised and stocked well over 100,000 lake and brook trout in local lakes.

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